Įspūdingai ryškus asortimentas ir lakuotas baltos spalvos dizainas

Šviežias požiūris ir išskirtinis šaltai baltos spalvos Aura maisto ruošimo kolekcijos dizainas atneš blizgesio prisilietimą į jūsų virtuvę. Kolekcija apima esminį arsenalą kokybiškų virtuvės prietaisų su visomis funkcijomis. Maišyti, pjaustyti, ir trinti taps tikrai paprasta valgio ruošimo metu.

Aura Smulkintuvas Ir Maišytuvas21510-56

Aura Hand Stand Mixer21200-56

Aura Slice & Go Multi22281-56

Aura Juice Extractor20365-56

Aura 6-in-1 Hand Blender21500-56

Aura Mix & Go Pro Blender22340-56

Aura Virtuvinis Kombainas23490-56

Aura Mix & Go Pro Blenderis

Jei esate pernelyg užimtas neskubantiems pusryčiams ryte"Aura" Mix and Go Pro yra idealus įtaisas jumsŠis maišytuvas su dviem nešiojamomis buteliais su dangteliais viename prietaise.

Aura Smulkintuvas Ir Maišytuvas

Jei jums patinka skystas maistas ar jūs mėgstate gaminti savo padažus, tada Aura Smulkintuvas ir maišytuvas - tas prietaisas, kurį būtina turėti.

Aura 6 In 1 Hand Blender

Whether you’re making a quick homemade snack or a family banquet, the Aura 6-in-1 Hand Blender is one tool you won’t want to be without.

In addition to the standard blending leg and whisk, it also has a 1.2 litre processing bowl with processing blade, creaming disk, slicing and shredding disk. It’s easy to use, simple to operate and easy to clean. In pure, bright white, it’s pleasing to the eye too.

Aura Slice & Go Multi

Choose from 3 colour coded blades for slicing, shredding and grating, then simply feed whole pieces of food into the tube and watch as the Aura Slice & Go Multi cuts them down to size. A frozen dessert maker is also included, which turns your favourite fruits into a healthy frozen dessert in seconds with no need for added sugar or milk!

Aura Virtuvinis Kombainas

Su Russell Hobbs Aura virtuviniu kombainu visas maisto pasaulis jūsų rankose. Tik su vienu prietaisu jūs galite sumalti mėsą, paruošti visus ingredientus banketui, pagaminti padažus, kepti pyragus ir daug daugiau

Aura Hand Stand Mixer

Simply attach the mixer to the side of the bowl and watch it go or if it’s more convenient detach the mixer from its stand and use as a hand mixer.

With 5 speed settings and a turbo function it makes whisking manually a thing of the past. It has strong and durable stainless steel attachments that you can clip on and off depending on what you’re making. The 3.5 litre stainless steel mixing bowl can all be removed for easy cleaning.

Aura Juice Extractor

It’s a great way to get your vitamins any time of day. Whether you love the tang of citrus or the fresh bite of apple or carrot juice the Aura Juice Extractor is equipped to extract juice from hard or soft fruit and veg.

This stylish white juice extractor has 2 speed settings and an extra wide 75mm chute that can accommodate whole pieces. A 2 litre pulp container captures the excess and prevents mess. You could even use the pulp in baking or for sauces. The steel blades can be removed for easy cleaning.